Blizzard’s Teaser Pic

Teaser Pic

So here is the newest Blizzard splash image. There are TWO new runes in this image and what I believe to be the beginnings of a face of… Arthas. Yeah, either that or his sword, Frostmourne. It’s looking to me like it’s simply a teaser pic for a WotLK promo pic. I could still be wrong, but it’s looking more and more like this, with the black and blue theme, with the ice and now the eyes. It was still fun trying to figure the whole thing out this week, but I must say, I’m slightly disappointed.

Sorry the sizing is so poor, but if you look to the top and south of east from there, you can find the two newest runes (one is in the side text a bit) but you can see the central part of the image, which is the most important.



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  1. Aaron on

    It’s obviously Superman’s arctic hideout.

    What it is, I hope it’s not just an expansion promo. That’s a ridiculous amount of anticipation just for a release date. I’m really hoping it’s a new game… even if that games is probably coming out over a year from now.

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