Stargate Worlds Trailer

I just watched the new Stargate Worlds trailer from Comic Con, and I must say that I’m impressed.  I can also say without a doubt that I’m going to need a new computer before I can consider playing it, which is fine because I’m guessing it still has a year before release (just a guess, though.)  The graphics look stunning and the variety of terrains and atmospheres looks as good as I could have hoped for.  One of the biggest problems I had with the video was that it seems very shooter-intensive.  On one hand, I can understand this because ranged combat makes up about 90% of all fighting in Stargate, so it fits with the MO of the show.  On the other hand, however, if it isn’t executed well enough, players who are used to the typical fantasy combat style i.e. not needing to aim where they attack might find it frustrating.  If the auto-aim system is sufficiently good enough that it isn’t difficult to attack the enemy you’re after, then it will feel very much like an MMOFPS, which could be a good or bad thing.  I won’t might wielding a fully automatic weapon, but I also hope that there is some form of close range combat as well.

Another worry that I have in general about a Stargate MMO is that they will feel like they need to have a wide range of worlds to travel to (as they must) and that the worlds will feel too small and cramped or too large and empty and won’t be executed well.  However, this is definitely something they can easily expand on after release, both in terms expanding the worlds already built as well as creating new worlds.  They can add new worlds virtually whenever they want to, so I’m hoping within 2-3 years of release we have 30+ worlds to explore.

With that in mind, I really think/hope that CME is off to a great start on this game, and I hope it won’t disappoint.  There’s still a great deal of information we need to have at our hands before we can really say how this is going to shape up, and even then, we all know that information means next to nothing until we see it in game.



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  1. Aaron on

    The environments look great.

    My main concern about this game is that the heart of the TV series is the character interaction. If they can’t fill the game with the same humor and personality-driven content, then the combat and exploration has to make up for a lot. The Stargate universe isn’t as wild and imaginative as Star Wars, so they can’t count on the same things that SWG could.

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