More Free Time For EQ2

I just received this e-mail from SOE:

For a limited time only, all inactive (in good standing) EQ players can start building a new legacy in the world of EQII for FREE until Sept. 30, 2008! New adventures and new experiences await the legends who choose to fight. A whole new world full of nostalgic EQ zones, lore and creatures are open for exploration. Journey through Norrath with breathtaking graphics and amazing gameplay mechanics all built from your hardcore heritage.

The quest continues:

Free Game Play
All inactive former trial and EQ subscription accounts (in good standing) have been activated to enable free EverQuest II gameplay between Aug. 4, 2008 and Sept. 30, 2008.
Free Rise of Kunark All-In-One Pack
Access the latest content and keep a complimentary digital copy of this compilation edition if and when you convert to a paid monthly subscription for EQII.
Discount Coupon
Receive $5.00 (or local currency equivalent) off the purchase of the next EQII expansion (scheduled for release Fall 2008) if you convert to a paid monthly subscription by Oct. 13, 2008 and purchase the expansion through the Station Store by Dec. 21, 2008.
Unique Bundle of In-Game Items
Available for all new legends.

  • Available Upon Log In:
    • Outdoor Pet Drake – Receive a Lava Drake for your evil character and a Fae Drake for your good character
    • Pouch of the Prodigal – 12 slot bag
    • XP Potion Pack – Three-pack of potions to jump-start your advancement
  • Granted Upon Purchase and Release of the next EQII Expansion Pack:
    • Cloak of the Void – A specially-designed cloak created exclusively for the upcoming expansion
Player Events
Celebrate all summer long with the community.

  • Participate in several scheduled pre-launch in-game events leading into the next expansion pack.
  • Access content from robust game updates, many offering new zones.
Legends of Norrath™
Free game client, starter pack and access to competitive prize tournaments.
Contests & Promotional Offers
Opportunity to participate in events to earn EQII merchandise, a free copy of the upcoming EverQuest II expansion pack, a beta invitation and in-game items.

Get Started Now
To download EverQuest II, click here for the installer. The download may be quite large and take a significant time.

They sure are trying to get players back into EQ2. I’m sure this is all related to the future releases of WAR and WotLK, and while I understand their desire to get more players back into the game, I don’t think this is the way to do it. Back when the Living Legacy promotion first occurred, I wrote that in order for players to come back to the game, there have to be significant changes made to the game itself, otherwise, no amount of free time in the world is going win them back. I went back to my wizard for approximately two hours before realizing exactly why I quit originally.

  • I felt like I was viewing a game with cataracts because everything was blurry since my computer can’t handle it.
  • I didn’t feel like any of the quests were interesting enough to pursue.
  • I didn’t enjoy the zones that I had to play through to continue on.
  • I didn’t feel like my class was unique enough to feel compelled to play.

There are several other reasons, but those are the biggest. While I might hop in yet again to try to power through this part of the game (20-25) that I really just don’t enjoy (though I’ve stated before that I don’t think players should ever have to do that,) I just don’t think it’s going to happen. I commend SOE for really trying to get players back in the game, but it seems pretty evident that EQ2 is never truly going to be the game for me no matter how much free play time they send my way.



2 comments so far

  1. Thallian on

    word 🙂

  2. Jes on

    what game are you playing? eq2 is the best game out there! maybe you should try playing something besides a wizzy? ive played this game since it came out and ive found very little to complain about. there are literally thousands of quests, how do you know there werent any you liked? you cant possibly tried very many! especially at low levels! there are so many zones for you to play in that again, i dont see how you looked around much. if you coudlnt find an area to play in in norrath that was enjoyable, well, then your just being impossible! also, its not sonys fault your pc is crappy. You dont need anything fancy, my pc isnt the best but it plays eq2 fine, even on dial up. i sure hope they dont significantly change ANYTHING…i would have a big problem with that seeing as i like the game the way it is…like most of the folks who play it do!

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