MMOre Insight: Past, Present, and Future

Even though I would rather be playing Warhammer right now, I know that this is long, long overdue and I really dropped the ball on my blog over the last few weeks.  I think I should provide an explanation and give a little insight into what’s going on with it if anyone is still reading.

Whether you knew it or not, I created this blog for several reasons.  First and foremost, I enjoy relaying my thoughts and experiences to others when it comes to MMO’s almost as much as I enjoy actually gaming, so that is the main reason I write this blog.  The secondary reason behind this blog was that I was somehow hoping that it might provide me with a little boost towards getting a job in the MMO industry.  For several months, this was really the only career I could believe I would possibly be happy with, and that nothing else was going to do, but there is a difference between determination and being realistic.  The MMO inudstry can be very tough to break into so you really need to stand out, which I frankly don’t.  I am also not too sure that the west or the east coast are places I really want to be.  Over the past few years I thought that I really wanted to get out of the midwest, but I realize that it’s a great place for my wife and I.  I have also removed my blinders to see that there really are other careers that I would love to pursue (whether I can get a job in them with the horrendous job market right now or not is beside the point.)  I know that eventually I will find the right job and career and I can’t wait to see exactly what that is.  I am not saying that 8-10 years down the road I won’t re-evaluate things and see whether I want to head in a new direction, but for now, I’m happy here and out of the gaming industry.  In fact, my wife and I just put in an offer on a nice, affordable home that we are both very excited about.  There’s a chance that we might not get it, but the emotional process really helped me understand that this is where we want to be.

I don’t think that I’ve actually altered much of what I’ve written based on the fact that it was a sort of resume tool, but I might have sugar coated things more than I would have liked to or left some things out.  I’ve never sacrificed or shifted the ultimate intention of any posts, and you can be sure that this will never happen in the future.  I might be a little more candid and harsh than I have in the past, but content will stay relatively similar to what it was, so don’t expect a big change in that regard.

I don’t think that I want to set any number of posts that I would like to reach, because unless you are a total machine like Tobold, real life gets in the way or inspiration can fail you from time to time, so I’ll simply say that I’m going to be more dedicated now than I have been.  I really didn’t seem to have much inspiration for the past few weeks, and while I could have tried harder, I am extremely excited about Warhammer and you can bet you’ll see a good many posts from me (and the rest of the blogosphere) in the future.  I am also keeping an eye out on several other MMO’s right now too, so whether I play them or just watch from the sidelines, I will certainly have things to say about it.

Hopefully I haven’t bored you to death and hopefully you still want to read what I have to say, but I thought you might like to know what’s been going on and the future of this blog.  I have no intentions of stopping, but there might be some gaps from time to time as you’ve seen.  Thanks for reading, and expect to see some gaming-related posts over the next few days.  Now, however, it’s time for some WAAAAAAAGH!!!



5 comments so far

  1. Thallian on

    Been wondering where you went Kanth 🙂 Are you playing Order or Destro in CoW btw? I’m doing both soon… Once I get some more time on my hands.

  2. kanthalos on

    The lady and I are mostly playing destruction. We’re both rank 7 I believe, I’m a marauder and she’s a witch elf. I think I’m going to be playing a shaman as well, and then a shadow warrior and (insert here) for order as well, though, so I’ll be all over the board, probably with my marauder leading the pack.

  3. Thallian on

    nicey nice. My DoK is named Thallian on Thorgrim

  4. Tobold on

    Hmmm, not sure whether that was a compliment there, Kanthalos. 😉

    But good luck with both house and job. I can only agree that having a good job outside of whatever industry your hobby is can only be a good thing. Tends to be more solid as well.

  5. Aaron on

    Don’t worry about the occasional hiatus. Like roaches, we always come back. 🙂

    I thought hard about location when considering applying to industry jobs, too. I’m happy living anywhere in the lower Midwest or the Gulf Coast, but California and Canada are not high on my list.

    Plus the industry has high turnover. Austin is flooded with experienced folks who were laid off when a game was finished, canceled, or mismanaged. Game design isn’t a very stable profession.

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