Public Quests — Not Quite So Public

It’s been about two weeks now that I’ve been playing Warhammer, and I must say that I’m really enjoying myself.  There are a few things that bother me a little bit, though, and public quests are definitely one of them.  I think that they are a very good idea, but I think they could benefit from a bit of tweaking.

I am a bit of a solo’er, but I’m not going to go out of my way to solo.  With that said, I find that the best method of obtaining influence in PQ’s is through playing by yourself and completing the first stage of the PQ and then hopping to another PQ and repeating the process.  If there is a solid group, I’m not going to leave frustrated or anything like that, but given that PQ’s offer the most influence when alone suggests that something is wrong with the way they are distributing influence.  Yet again, this is a case of groups getting penalized, which is a bit ironic since that is the whole premise of PQ’s.

Also, the second and third stages of PQ’s should provide far more influence than they do.  It doesn’t need to be as much as you can get in stage one, but you shouldn’t feel like you are being penalized for making it further into the PQ.  Getting to the second stage is great, but if you don’t have enough people to complete the remaining stages, then you just end up having to wait until it resets before you can build more influence.  I’m primarily speaking about the Chapter 8 and 9 PQ’s in Ellyrion, and other PQ’s could be a different story, but I hate feeling like progressing further into the PQ is hindering my ability to get more influence points.

I still enjoy the general mechanic of PQ’s and think they are a lot of fun, I just think that influence points should be divied out a bit differently, and I worry that as more and more players level a) the lower level PQ’s won’t be very full and b) max level pq’s will be used up and spit out quickly and then all PQ’s will become worthless to.  We’ll just have to keep an eye on them and see how it works out.



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  1. Sara Pickell on

    I’m sure Mythic won’t read this, but the solution seems to me to be reducing the per-kill influence reward to 80, then removing the group division of influence so everyone gets 80 within the group. Leaching could be solved with the kick from group button. This way it would be much faster to run through as a group of any size than it would be to go alone.

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