Plan Of Attack For Cataclysm?

I had decided a long time ago that I wasn’t going to start any new characters in WoW.  I’d seen it all too many times, and it just didn’t seem like it could be enjoyable.  I obviously had a change of heart a few days ago when I rolled a tauren warrior.  I quickly found that I was back to my old mentality and don’t want to continue leveling him, however.  The only thing is that with the expansion coming next year, most of the content is level 1-60, so this leaves me with a few options in how to tackle the new content…

1)  I could start a character from scratch.  In this case, it would probably be a worgen or a goblin, just because that is COMPLETELY fresh content as opposed to just revamped content.  Would I start with a class that I know I enjoy?  That would mean either a warlock or a druid.  Would I rather start with a character that I know can level quickly to get to see content more quickly, like a rogue?  In any case, I’ve tried them all, so there are no classes that will seem entirely new.

2)  I could play through the content with a variety of toons that I have spread across different servers and factions.  For instance, I could start a new toon and play that to 20 or so, play my level 23 mage to 35, play my 35 shaman to 45, play my 43 hunter to 60 (or possibly 70 if there is new 60-70 content on azeroth) my 70 rogue (again, if there is new 70-80 content) then 80 to 85 with either my druid or warlock.  This would be an interesting way to keep things fresh with new characters, while getting to see all the new content.  Obviously I wouldn’t be able to play steadily with any guildmates if I went this route, which could be a drawback.  There will be a great multitude of players going through the content, though, so I will have more than enough people to group with.

3)  I could run around with my level 80 toons doing some of the quests and generally exploring the new geography.  This would only take a few days, and would probably tick a lot of lower level players off as I’m one shotting all the mobs that they need, but it would be really efficient.  I suppose this comes down to how well done the quests are and whether they truly need to be done by lower level characters to be enjoyed.

Regardless of how I play through the 1-80 content, I also need to decide whether I want to do all of that first, or whether I want to jump straight in with my 80’s and get to 85.  There are so many options for where to begin with this expansion it’s almost frustrating.  My prediction (though it could easily change) is that I will play a new race (likely the worgen) as either a warlock or a druid through all of the content, then switch over to my level 80 toons to see the higher level content.  What’s your plan?



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