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Ever since 1999 when my brother convinced me to pay a monthly subscription for Asheron’s Call, I’ve been hooked on MMO’s. I’ve played dozens since then, and I love reading and writing about them when I don’t have a chance to actually play. I recently graduated from Ball State University with a creative writing degree and my dream job is working in the MMO industry, either as a mission/quest designer or something to do with the balance of classes and monsters. If you would like to see some of my writing or want to contact me for any reason, feel free at mmoreinsight[at]gmail.com.


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  1. paul on

    I´m interested in Partnership and trade links.

    Kind Regards,


  2. martin on

    hi i am currently promoting my newly developed website on Mmorpg Video Reviews as the theme, i was wondeing if you could make a post about it, or link to it so that it gets noticed,
    it is still being developed so dont worry about the lack of content



  3. maria on

    Hey there,

    I’m Maria from Star Pirates, and I have been an ardent reader of your blog.
    At, StarPirates.net, we provide a free space based MMO game that you can play from anywhere.

    We always check your blog to stay “connected” to the industry.
    We are offering a freebie, and it works like this –

    One in every ten members who signs up from your blog gets thousand Star Pirates Points to build their ship.

    It would be super cool if you could actually post in your blog about this freebie as this would benefit your readers immensely and would also help us a lot!

    I know that you get a lot of people requesting you to post about their products on your blog, and I understand that you may not want all of them, so please treat this as a no obligation request.

    Nevertheless, we’d love it if you posted about this Free Membership + Thousand Points on your blog!

    I understand that you’re probably hard pressed for time and might not in most probability have the time to sit down and type a post for us, so we decided that we could give you a copy of a blog post format about the offer which has been written by our writers.

    You could put that up if you want to after editing it and reviewing it, otherwise if you’d like it, even a fresh new version posted by you would be cool!

    Here is a copy of what our content writer wrote:
    We got a mail from the owners of StarPirates, a free space-based MMO-type game that you can run in your browser from your office or house.

    They’ve offered our readers a freebie if they sign up:
    If you click on this link here : http://www.starpirates.net/register.php?referer=-558

    You’ll be entered into a draw automatically after setting up your character. One player in 10 who signs up from here will get 1000 StarPirates points to set up their Pirate. They’ll hold the draws in late January.

    They apparently have a pretty steady community with lots of talk, and you can set up fleets – so if someone wants to setup a fleet for us then drop us a line and we’ll post the details up. That way other readers can join up if they want to.

    Did I mention it’s free to play? Have Fun!

    Thanks a ton!

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