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LotRO and Atlantica Online

For the past few days, I’ve been playing a lot of these two games.  Syncaine and Grimwell convinced me through their recent posts that Atlantica Online was worth a shot, and I have to agree with them.  I’ve only just gotten my main to 15, but I’m really enjoying myself thus far.  I rarely play turn-based games, but I’m finding this to be rather fun.  I’m not sure how good I’ll be at later levels when a lot more strategy is involved, but I’m curious to see.  There are lots of quests to keep you busy, so it doesn’t feel as grindy as most f2p games.  I do have lots of questions that I can hopefully get answered soon by finding a guild to join.  I think I’m on Mycenae server, so if any of you are on that, let me know.  If  you are interested in having  me in your guild on another server, I’ll consider starting over as it’s only taken about 6-8 hours to get to where I am.  But yeah, it’s the best free to play MMO I’ve tried so far, with Silkroad Online second.

As for LotRO, I decided that I wanted to give this another go.  I must say I was curious to try it with DirectX 10 with everything on max settings, too.  It’s truly beautiful, though I wouldn’t play it just for the graphics.  My champ was stuck at 36 when I logged back in, and I needed a place to start.  I managed to find a new quest hub in Evendim and that took me a little ways into 37 when I ran out of quests there, and I headed to North Downs to give Fornost another go.  Little did I know that it takes 4-6 hours to run the whole instance.  It ended up taking us closer to six because we had to switch toons out several times, but I did get all the way through to level 38.  I then found another chain in Rivendell involving a series of riddles that’s gotten me about 1/3 of the way through the level.  I really just want to start fresh on a new zone/set  of zones, which I’m truly hoping will revive my passion for the game.  I think I’m ready to head to Misty Mountains now, and soon after that Agmar, followed by Forochel.  In any case, I’ll keep you informed on this process.

On the horizon:

Darkfall — I’m curious see how this progresses over the next few weeks and months.  I’m not sure I’ll play Darkfall soon after release, but I really do hope it suceeds and provides hardcore PvP’ers a home, as well as an eye-opening experience to developers about new possiblities for the genre. 

Spellborn — As for Spellborn, I was deeply invested in this game before I got into beta, but my curiousity is coming back.  I might have to give this one a shot again.  The lore and combat have me once again intrigued, but I have too much on my plate right now to play.

Earthrise — I applied for this beta, and I truly hope I get in.  After getting a taste of Fallout 3, my love of post-apocalyptic worlds has been awakened.  Some great plans are in the works for this game.

Jumpgate Evolution — After failing miserably to enjoy EvE, I’m hoping this will be the solution.  I think it will be different enough that it could suck up a lot of my time in the future.  Another beta I’m hoping to get into.