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Thoughts on Gear Progression, Raiding, and WotLK

So it’s been forever since I’ve posted, and I’m going to take it slowly for now.  I actually have a lot to write about that I’ll get to soon enough, but something small (with the potential for vast expansion later if I choose to.)

So I was just reading Tobold’s post and the comments, which got me thinking about character progression and raiding in WoW.  What I realized is that the only real need to have really good raiding gear is to continue to push for more raid content.  On a related note, you only need to have really good PvP gear to push to become more dominant in PvP.  Shouldn’t there be other venues to put the gear that you’ve obtained to use?  Sure you can go run heroic instances with it, but you already have better gear than you are going to be able to get from there if you have really good raiding gear.  I really don’t even know what I’m looking for exactly, maybe entire zones that are more challenging/rewarding (but can potentially be ran through solo) or 1-man instances that really put your skills and gear to the test.  Who knows, I just know that I’m frustrating with the role that gear plays in WoW.

Am I alone in thinking this way?  Am I the only one who wishes there were more ways to put your raiding gear to use other than to continue raiding?  This is ultimately why I will not be purchasing WotLK.  In that vein, if you don’t like the direction Blizzard is taking their game, then this is the only way they are going to listen. Just like voting, one person doesn’t necessarily matter, but if enough people participate, then it will.  I was tempted to buy WotLK just for the 70-80 content, but then I realized that I’m paying for much more than that, and I don’t want any of the other stuff.  I also know exactly where I’m going to end six months from now if I start playing again, which is exactly where I was six months ago when I stopped, and that is debating whether raiding is worth the time and effort, and the answer for me is no.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy the game if you know you’ll enjoy it, I just know that with Blizzard being the leader of the MMO industry, I am going to do what I can to get them off their asses and start thinking the way they did when they first built World of Warcraft, instead of thinking about how they can simply retain their customer base, because that’s honestly all I see them doing right now.  

Hopefully that made sense.  Whether you agree or disagree with me is your opinion, I just know that I expect more from Blizzard and I’m not going to pay them if I’m not happy with their product.



Raid Attendance and Hydross

Lately my guild has been having a bit of a raid attendance issue, which has caused a few problems. Two of our oldest members (one an officer) have both been removed from the guild because they’ve chosen to raid Karazhan on other servers with different guilds during our scheduled raids. While I was initially frustrated with this decision, I understood why it was done, especially in the case of the officer. Even though they weren’t the sole reason we were unable to get a few raids going over the past few days, it certainly didn’t help. Furthermore, if they’ve made a serious commitment to the guild and they don’t show up when they’re needed, that shouldn’t be taken lightly. While a demotion was a possible solution, it seems pretty clear that their devotion has shifted more towards the other guild and away from ours, so do they deserve to remain in the guild? That was up to the GM and the remaining officers, and whether they made the right or wrong decision, they chose to remove them.

In any case, we were able to raid the last two nights, and Hydross is on the schedule tonight. After the practice we’ve had in our past two attempts, I am fairly certain we’ll be able to succeed tonight. I really want to get on continue our progression that has seen Gruul, Halazzi, Jan’Alai, Void Reaver, and The Lurker Below taken down over the past month and a half. My goal (although I’m not the one setting goals, hehe) is to have Hydross, High Astromancer Solarian, and Morogrim Tidewalker (and possibly Fathom-Lord Karathress) disposed of by the end of March. Magtheridon is getting a nerf with patch 2.4, so we will likely take care of him as well. I’ll have more news on this as it comes 🙂 Wish us luck tonight.


Tokens/Trophies for Every Boss Drop?

I was reading through comments on Tobold’s post about rewards in raids. Someone mentioned having tokens drop for every piece of gear…

I think this is an excellent idea! This would work well both for raids and 5-man instances. It’s not like you’re losing an immersion factor by turning in the tokens to an NPC for the items anyway. I actually think it INCREASES immersion. Does Hydross carry around a backpack with a robe, a plate helm, leather shoulders, and so on? Even if it’s sitting in a chest behind the boss, why would they even have those items to begin with? You’re much more likely to get rewarded by an NPC than have a water elemental drop a robe that fits on a gnome. Why not let all of those drops be token or trophy rewards instead? Say Lurker’s would be “Scale of The Lurker Below” and Hydross would have “Essence of Hydross The Unstable,” etc.. Bosses that drop tiered gear would just drop both. These could also function as quests, which would help us learn more about the bosses as well as get another monetary or reputation reward.

The FIRST time we killed The Lurker Below we DE’ed a reward because it wasn’t even needed by any of our pallies (they had better items that weren’t even from a 25-man raid, go figure…) so we had to shard the drop. This just seems asinine to me. When competition for gear is so high and drops are so low, shouldn’t raiders at least be able to use every drop that they get? Even moreso when you are just entering a new instance killing new, harder bosses.

Hopefully we’ll see a change like this at some point, but I doubt it will be any time soon.


Hydross and More

Well, I regret to inform you that our guild has not killed Hydross the Unstable as of yet 😦 What I can say is that we have had three very solid attempts. On the first good attempt, we were able to survive until the enrage counter went off at 10 minutes at about 50%. The second attempt we got him to 52% with 4.5 minutes left before we ended up with 8 adds (we probably would have wiped at about 5-7% if not.) The third attempt we got him to 23% before enrage. Clearly, we have all of the concepts of the fight down, our dps was just a little light because the raid composition was a bit off. We have Gruul scheduled for tonight, but I have a feeling we’ll be headed back to SSC, and I have little doubt that I’ll walk out of there with the Robe of Hateful Echoes (ok, maybe not me, and maybe not that drop, but you get the idea. 😉 )

On another note, I jumped back into Mythos a few days ago. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my level 11 pyromancer hadn’t been wiped, so I hopped back on with him. I quickly discovered that my skill points had been in large part wasted, so I went to the NPC to have respec. It cost 1g which is a somewhat substantial sum, but I was glad I did it. After some research on the forums, I found the build I liked (Flaming Fist) and started in.

Several things quite different since the last time I played. There are now four “difficulty” options to choose from. The first is normal, which hasn’t really changed. The second is Elite mode, which means significantly harder mobs, better drops, more experience, and 50% return on items sold to vendors. The third is Hardcore mode, which means one death and your gone. The fourth is Hardcore Elite which you can figure out. The main other change I’ve noticed is that pots, which used to be insanely priced, are now very reasonable, which is good since they are used frequently. Many other changes have also been included, like guilds, a looking for group tab, achievements (very similar to LotRO), a few more maps, and lots of things that I haven’t noticed 🙂

With that said, I suggest you a) try this game again if it’s been a while since you’ve done so, or b) get your hands on a beta key. There are lots of them floating around, so it shouldn’t be terribly difficult. I have two extras, which I can give out if anyone is curious, I just need an e-mail address. Please actually intend to play the game and do so if you ask for a beta key. I would really like to get these to players who actually want to try it out.

That’s it for now, but I’ll be back soon.